Thank you for your interest in providing feedback to the Oregon Department of Energy regarding its Floating Offshore Wind Study, directed by House Bill 3375.

ODOE's Objective

To gather and synthesize a range of information and perspectives on the benefits and challenges of integrating up to 3 gigawatts of floating offshore wind (FOSW) into Oregon’s electric grid to inform a summary of key findings in a report to the Legislature, including opportunities for future study and engagement.

Feedback, Participation, & Prompting Questions

To support participation, we provided background information available on ODOE’s FOSW Study webpage, including a draft literature review report and links to additional information. In addition, we created a two-page document that summarizes the study process and provides a timeline of study phases.

Initial feedback was gathered with the help of prompting questions that were developed based on key topics identified in the draft literature review report, including reliability, state renewable energy goals, jobs, equity, and resilience.

Feedback received plays a critical role in helping the state have a better understanding of stakeholder perspectives on key topics relating to the potential for integrating large-scale deployments of FOSW into Oregon’s electric grid. There were six topical categories of questions with several sub-topics per category, along with miscellaneous questions asking for feedback on the Department’s draft literature review.
  • Foundational Questions:
    • Achieving 100% Clean Energy Targets
    • Economic Development
    • Equity
    • Reliability & Resilience
  • Technology Questions:
    • FOSW Turbines
    • FOSW Platforms
  • Port & Sea Vessel Questions
  • Transmission Questions
  • Energy Market & RTO Questions
    • Investors/Purchasers (Offtakers)
    • Regional Transmission Organization (RTO)
  • Siting and Permitting Questions
  • Miscellaneous Questions
Given the technical nature of some of these issues, however, and in recognition that some stakeholders have more data and analysis to address some of these questions than others, we expected that some stakeholders would not answer every question. Please find all comments submitted as part of the study below and find updates about the study and report on ODOE’s FOSW Study webpage.

If you have any questions please contact Jason Sierman (