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Welcome to the Community Heat Pump Deployment Program at Oregon Department of Energy. The program provides grants to Regional Administrators who provide financial assistance to individuals within the region or who are members of an Oregon tribe for the purchase and installation of heat pumps and related upgrades. 
The Community Heat Pump Deployment Program is open to the following: 
     A) Local government as defined in ORS 174.116; 
     B) Local housing authority; 
     C) Nonprofit organization; 
     D) Federally recognized Indian tribe in Oregon; 
     E) Coordinated care organization as defined in ORS 414.025; 
     F) Community action agency as described in ORS 458.505; 
     G) Manufactured dwelling park nonprofit cooperative as defined in ORS 62.803; or 
     H) An electric utility 

The application deadline for the opportunity announcement has passed.  Applicants who submitted an application can view their application and check its status by selecting ‘I would like to view/check the status of my application(s)’ from the drop-down menu below. Applicants wishing to withdraw their application can do so using the same drop-down menu.

If you are interested in the program, please sign up for email updates or visit the program webpage.


Need support?
Contact or 1-800-221-8035 for assistance in completing your application. Prefer another language, scroll down to the bottom left of the page to change the application language.