The Oregon Renewable Energy Siting Assessment (ORESA) provides relevant educational resources for users to explore data and information on renewable energy development in Oregon and inform discussions in a way that minimizes conflict and identifies opportunities. The project goals are to provide baselined data, information, and perspectives to create a transparent, consistent collection of trusted, accurate information about renewable energy development in Oregon. The ORESA project team is seeking review of the final draft project deliverables to ensure accuracy and clarity before final release. The final report is designed to provide readers with a summary of project findings, along with how the project process, data and information, and stakeholder feedback guided development of the ORESA Mapping and Reporting Tool. The Tool, housed on Oregon Explorer, provides data on renewable energy, military uses, economic development, land use considerations, natural resource areas, and other regulatory and process considerations.

The ORESA project team invites your review of these materials to ensure they contain accurate, relevant information and characterization based on your participation or knowledge of this project.

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