Thank you for providing input to help inform the Commission on development of a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions Plan: Roadmap to 2035

The “Roadmap to 2035” Report will serve as the Commission’s recommended plan to achieve the state’s climate goals, while growing Oregon’s economy and enhancing equity and the quality of life for Oregonians.

Toward the end of the process, analysis of potential climate mitigation actions and associated co-benefits will be part of the Roadmap and will serve as recommendations for consideration by the Governor, Legislature, and other policy makers to help meet Oregon's 2035 GHG emissions reduction and carbon sequestration targets. Please see more detailed information on the Oregon Global Warming Commission’s website.

The Commission welcomes general public input on the Roadmap.

About the Oregon Global Warming Commission

The Commission was created by the 2007 Oregon Legislature through House Bill 3543. Oregon's Governor appoints eleven voting members to the Commission. The Oregon Global Warming Commission’s mission is to Recommend ways to coordinate state and local efforts to reduce Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions, and to help the state, local governments, businesses, and Oregonians prepare for the effects of climate change.

Oregon Department of Energy’s Role in this Process

ODOE provides staff support to the Oregon Global Warming Commission. ODOE staff is supporting the Commission by collecting and sharing information about the process as well as supporting the analysis that will be used by the Commission to develop recommendations in their Roadmap to 2035 report.

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