Thank you for your interest in providing feedback to the Oregon Department of Energy in its implementation of HB 2021 and the Community Renewable Energy Grant Program.

Advisory Committee Discussion Forum

To facilitate discussion among committee members, we have created the following CREP Discussion Forum.

Instructions for Responding to Advisory Committee Questions

To support your participation in this effort, we have created the following two-pager that outlines the topics and questions.

Please review the draft rules available on ODOE’s website. Based on the advisory committee’s discussion on November 18, below are questions that may help guide your review. Please provide your contact information and feedback or comments in the box , or upload your comments, on the pages ahead.

  1. What resilience or microgrid enabling technologies should be allowed or disallowed as eligible costs in the program?
  2. What equity metrics can be developed in rule, and administered by ODOE, to ensure program funds are correctly directed to Oregon EJ communities in a competitive application review process?
  3. What resources can ODOE provide to support community applications?
  4. How can ODOE ensure local community stakeholders are involved in leadership roles for a project?
  5. What constitutes “consultation” with the local utility?

If you have any questions or encounter any challenges submitting answers via the online web-based submission form, please contact Robert Del Mar.

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  3. CREP Rulemaking Comments